ThirdEye dental cameras by Dr. Benno Raddatz, Verlag Neue Medien (VNM)

invented the first ThirdEye dental camera in 1997 (patented).

Till 1997 only intraoral cameras (e.g. Lercher Cam) being put into the patient´s mouth have been used. Lots of dentists bought such an intra-oral camera then, but did not use it very often, because it was not easy to guide the camera in the patient´s mouth. And you only could take still photos, no videos, with such a camera. Thus Dr. Raddatz had the idea of putting a small camera in the center of a dental light, using the light´s perfect illumination of the patient´s mouth together with a long focal tele photo lens to shoot intra-oral videos and photos from outside the mouth. Because no small cameras being available in 1997, that first ThirdEye camera was mounted on the top of the dental light head, nevertheless the videos being shot out of the center of the light by the means of a periscopic lens.

Today many companies have borrowed the idea of mounting a camera on a dental light or built it inside (in-light cameras) using the dental light as a perfect illumination to shoot videos. Since 1997 Dr. Raddatz has developed different ThirdEye dental cameras for different applications, but all of them being mountable on any dental light.

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Company of Dr. Benno Raddatz, Verlag Neue Medien (Durmersheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)

 vnm home in baden wuerttemberg germany

Founded 1997 by Dr. Benno Raddatz, (*1955, former dentist and video professional)

vnm office in durmersheim germany

Dr. Benno Raddatz, Verlag Neue Medien

in 76448 Durmersheim, Germany

research and development department (R&D)

distribution worldwide

Ancillary industries
working for Dr. Benno Raddatz Verlag Neue Medien:
Karlsruhe (CAD, CNC), Heidelberg (assembly), Jena (assembly) - all situated in Germany

Company history of Dr. Benno Raddatz Verlag Neue Medien

  first thirdeye dental camera with periscope lens

1997   ThirdEye-Video
dental camera with periscope optics to be mounted on dental light  (patented)

2002   ThirdEye-Video

540 tv lines analog composite video with fujinon lens

2005   ThirdEye-Video

small, lightweight, mounted on the center of any dental light

2009   ThirdEye-HD

full-HD dental camera with auto focus and optical zoom (stand alone camera system)

2010   ThirdEye-Photo

HD-video & 10 megapixal photo USB2.0 (Windows only, discontinued)

2013   ThirdEye-HDmini

full-HD  HD-SDI dental camera (discontinued)

2015   ThirdEye-EVO (discontinued)

full-HD digital dental camera, auto focus, 10x zoom, 18 megapixel photos,
operated by Anroid or IOS app

2016   ThirdEye-UNI (discontinued 2021)
full-HD dental camera with 16 megapixel photos, all remote controllable (*universal)

ThirdEye-SDI on GComm dental light

2019   ThirdEye-SDI newest model
full-HD HD-SDI dental camera
auto focus, 10x optical zoom, 32x digital zoom, microphone, freeze frame, manual white balance, remote control



Dr. Benno Raddatz, Curriculum vitae

name               Dr. Benno Raddatz

date of birth     31.01.1955

place of birth    Durmersheim, Germany


1966-1975      Tulla-Gymnasium (German secondary school), Abitur 1975 Rastatt

1975-1976      military service (German army, 18 month)

dental career

1978-1983      study of dentistry, University of Freiburg/Breisgau, graduate of dentistry

1984              dissertation: Dr. med. dent.

1983-1987      workin in mutiple dental practices

1988-1989      dental practice in Forst

2001-2007      dental practice in Durmersheim

media career

since 1988       Verlag Neue Medien (= New Media Publishers, mainly travel video productions)

since 1989       freelance cameraman (broadcast Betacam SP-Equipment, travel programs)

                      freelance video-editor (linear/nonlinear editing; e.g. for ZDF = 2. German Television Channel)

since 1997       development and sales of new dental camera ThirdEye (patented)

from 2007       ThirdEye dental cameras (R&D, Marketing, Sales)